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How to Grow a Dinosaur


Meet the Professors.

They are leading scientists in the highly skilled and tricky area of Transmogriphication - the exciting process of turning one thing into a completely different thing.

And the most exciting thing is…

That no one knows what it is going to turn into!



How to Grow a Dinosaur is an interactive workshop adventure for children aged 2-7 concocting 5ml of science, 10ml of live music, 50mls of imagination and 100ml of fun. Explosive!


How to Grow a Dinosaur was originally created for the Creative Learning Festival, Aberdeen and is a one and a half hour treat for for nurseries, schools and public audiences.

Cast & Crew


Professor and Dinosaur



Heather Fulton

David Rankine


Jennifer Phillips & Heather Cassidy

Tour Details

How to grow a dinosaur is available on request – if we can come and cause some dinosaur havoc then we will!


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With thanks to Ben Clifford and Sam Watson (stand in Dinosaurs)